About the Artist

Erika Farkas

Erika Farkas is a self-taught artist with Transylvanian roots living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada since the late 1980s. A career in Information Technology left her with little room for artistic endeavours. Her eye-opening moment was at the age of 50 when she realized life was too short to let her dreams expire. So, she picked up a pencil and started drawing. She began exhibiting her figurative pencil drawings a year later and has won since several awards with her realistic portraits in local and international art exhibitions.

In following years, she took an interest in mixed media and acrylic painting, including pastels and oils because they appealed to her love of colour and gave her the ability to be more versatile and more balanced as an artist. However, her passion for figurative pencil drawing with graphite and pastels never diminished and only got stronger as the years passed. Luckily, she is now retired, and finally able to be a full-time artist and realize her lifetime dream.

Erika is currently an active member of several art organizations in Ottawa, most notably the Foyer Gallery. She participates in various shows and other artistic events in Ottawa and online. She exhibits throughout the year in selected Ottawa community and commercial galleries. Her works, including a great number of commissioned portraits, can be found in private collections throughout North America and Europe.

“My greatest passion lies in the realistic portraying of the human form. There’s something about the way the body moves and the emotions it can convey that continues to fascinate me. Whether through a stroke of a brush or a simple pencil line, I find myself drawn to exploring these nuances and complexities.  From the graceful curves of a woman to the rugged lines of a man, each person holds within them a unique story, a unique perspective.  I connect with my subject on a deep level, trying to convey their essence and personality by observing every detail, every line, every shade. It truly is a profound and rewarding experience to create a representation of someone’s essence, and the connection I feel with the figure is something that stays with me long after the artwork is finished.” (Erika Farkas)

To see more of Erika’s works, visit her artist website at erikafarkas.com


  • 1st Place Award,  Works on Paper for ‘Thinking Cap’, Arteast Ottawa’s Juried Awards Exhibition, 2023
  • Honourable Mention for ‘Holding On To The Dream‘, West Carleton Arts Society’s Spring Fling, 2023
  • Viewers’ Choice Award for  ‘Dogsledding‘, Foyer Gallery’s The Glow of Winter show, 2020
  • Viewers’ Choice Award for  ‘Perpetual Beauty‘, Foyer Gallery’s The Joy of Art show, 2019
  • Viewers’ Choice Award for ‘Seascape with Shells III’,  Foyer Gallery’s  Perspectives of Nature focus show, 2019
  • 3rd Prize in Works on Paper for ‘Morning Bath at the Lake’, Arteast’s Juried Awards Exhibition, 2018
  • 1st Award for Excellence, Judges’ Choice Award, 1st Members’ Choice Award for ‘Alter Ego’ at Nepean Fine Arts League’s Annual Exhibition, 2018
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Alter Ego’ at Light Space & Time’s Open Theme international online competition, 2017
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Homeward Bound’ at Light Space & Time’s Seasons international online competition, 2017
  • Viewers’ Choice Award for ‘Orbit’ at Foyer Gallery’s Artistic Inspirations show, 2017
  • 3rd Members’ Choice Award for ‘Aromatherapy’ at Nepean Fine Arts League’s Annual Awards Exhibition, 2017
  • Viewers’ Choice Award for ‘Purple Dreamland’ at Foyer Gallery’s Art Mix focus show, 2016
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Leopard’ at Light Space & Time’s Nature international online competition, 2016
  • Special Recognition Award for ‘Radiant’ at Light Space & Time’s Figurative Art international online competition, 2016
  • 1st Prize in Works on Paper for ‘Dripping’ at Arteast’s Juried Awards Exhibition, 2015
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Dripping’ at Light Space & Time’s Figurative international online competition, 2015
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Inner Depth’ at Light Space & Time’s Abstracts international online competition, 2015
  • Viewers’ Choice Award for ‘Through the Wisteria Forest’ at Foyer Gallery’s As Is focus show, 2015
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Old Iraqi Man’ at Light Space & Time’s Open Art international online competition, 2014
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Fall Rhapsody’ at Light Space & Time’s Nature Art international online competition, 2014
  • 3rd Prize in Works on Paper for ‘Deep-Rooted Bittersweet Memories (Self-Portrait)’, Arteast’s Juried Awards Exhibition, 2014
  • 1st Award of Excellence in Works on Paper for ‘Dripping’, Nepean Fine Arts League’s Members’ Night Exhibition, 2014
  • Special Merit Award for ‘Freckled Beauty’ at Light Space & Time’s Figurative Art international online competition, 2014
  • Special Recognition Award for ‘Shattered’ at Light Space & Time’s All Women international online competition, 2014
  • 3rd Prize in Works on Paper for ‘Angie’, Ottawa Art Association’s Members’ Choice Awards, 2013
  • 3rd Prize in Works on Paper for ‘My childhood picture’, Arteast’s Juried Awards Exhibition, 2013
  • Director’s Choice Award for ‘Still looking ahead’, Infinity Gallery’s Figurative Art Expo international online exhibition, 2013
  • Special Recognition Award for ‘Elephant’ at Light Space & Time’s Animal Art international online competition, 2013
  • Honourable Mention and 2nd Members’ Choice Awards for ‘Young and old’, Nepean Fine Arts League’s Members’ Night Exhibition, 2013